Motion-Sensing LED Outdoor Security Flood Light 180° – 20W


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The 180° Outdoor Motion-Sensing White LED Security Floodlight from Lithonia Lighting is the energy-efficient, low-maintenance lighting solution for security lighting. The integrated LEDs are rated at 50,000 hours of operation, so no bulbs are necessary.

That means you don’t have to pull out the ladder to replace bulbs-it really lasts that long.

Provides 1,600 Lumens (5000K bright white light) while only using 20-Watt of energy
Rugged housing can stand up to almost any weather without rusting
Clear, glass lenses are fully gasket to keep out moisture, dirt and insects
Optional light visors are included for neighbor-friendly shading of light that might otherwise shine into a neighbor’s window
Designed for surface-mounting to an exterior wall
For 120-Volt system installation only
180° motion sensor provides 70 ft. forward detection, and allows for adjustability of the sensitivity and on-time
Approximate coverage area when mounted at 20 ft. is 60 ft. by 100 ft.
Tool-free lamp head adjustment
Please note: the fixture light will flicker or flash if incorrectly installed, please review the installation guide or call the technical support number located on the installation guide

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